Black Rice Nutrition

What Makes Black Rice a Superfood

Once again, Dr. Oz has created interested in a great new way to improve metabolism, burn fat, and smite your enemies with plausible deniability. On his January 21, 2014 TV show he reported that black rice fights fatigue with its antioxidants, iron, and magnesium. It also is high in protein, potassium, zinc, amino acids, and hype.

Forbidden Rice One cup of this superfood has 8 grams of fiber and forty grams of protein. Another advantage is that if you eat a bowl of rice, and don't add a bunch of salt, sugar, butter, or uneaten fat cuttings from the used plates of prime rib at the Outback Steakhouse, then you are going to be filling your stomach with something that isn't full of carbs and empty calories.

Why is it called forbidden rice?

According to legend and marketing copy, black rice is forbidden because in ancient China, a land of many secrets, the grain was said to be the finest and only served to the Emperor. This story would have us believe that an incredibly small rice paddy would have been sufficient to accomodate its demographic for many years. And, if only one person is allowed to eat it, how do you know it is forbidden? Did they have an intensive PR campaign? Considering that there are a couple different varieties of black rice, how many government officials and Mandarins did it take to enforce rice pigmentation regulations? And what if the "real" emperor was not the pretender on the throne?

The coveted superfood proclamation, made by a secret cabal of experts trained to determine the superness of edibles and publicize them on daytime television, was first promulgated (look it up, I had to) by Doctor Xu Zhimin, who declared it to be as good as blueberries when it comes to antioxidants. (As a disclaimer, not all "oxidants" are bad for you, and some even fight cancer before it gets out of hand.) Traditional Chinese thought says that forbidden rice has good effects for the stomach, liver, and kidneys. Coincidentally, not eating any kind of food at all has a bad effect on these very organs. Black rice is made into noodles, chips, and puddings. I am still waiting for the rice crackers.

Right now, we don't know about any GMO black rice that could give you superpowers or make you grow antennae. Should some come around, we will offer it for sale. Even if this kind of rice is not a super food, at least it still works nicely as a supper food.